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SuperAdBlocker's main function is to stop any advertisements from showing up on your computer screen. But that's not all - it also has a powerful search engine capable of eliminating a variety of malware and spyware.

It includes mechanisms to stop almost all kinds of online advertising from opening: slide in, fly-over, pop-up or pop-under windows... It can also stop ads from loading within certain applications, like MSN Messenger, Kazaa Lite, or Flashget.

Similarly, it prevents any Spyware or Adware applications in your system from showing ads. Another interesting feature is the ability to recover and lock your start page, protecting it from any threats that want to change it without your consent.

SuperAdBlocker also allows you to delete the history, cookies, and temporary files from your web browser.

Finally, it includes a statistics menu where you can consult the program's activity.

14-day trial.

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